Buy With Confidence

Buy With Confidence

Our approach is completely different. Each property is different and there are many opportunities on each house to change, improve or carefully reproduce the existing character.

Thousands of properties in the UK have been spoilt by poor choices of windows, ill-advised and sold by architecturally untrained, unskilled salespeople driven by sales figures instead of knowledge, integrity and passion.

DGL is Design driven not Sales driven. All of our designers are skilled, experienced and highly trained design consultants.

We have many different window systems as it is impossible to expect one window to suit all properties. Whether Aluminium, uPVC or timber we offer at least 4 different frame options for each material, different frame thicknesses and profile shapes to suit personal taste, budget and character of property.

Firstly we will have a brief consultation that will last as long as you want it to. We will visit your property & discuss with you the alternatives that will be suitable for your home and your budget – product options, colour and finish choices, design improvements. At this stage we can give an indication of costs but will need to spend time after preparing an accurate assessment with full breakdown of costs giving you visibility and control.

We prepare an in depth personalized proposal with all the information pertaining to your project, a full breakdown of costs and choice of optional additions so that you have full visibility and control on all aspects. We will include large photographs of similar projects that we have completed so that all information is totally relevant.

Our next meeting with you is then discussing the options, we can show you relevant samples. Often at this point , further tweaks are required to perfect our joint ideas.

We do not use irritating and ignorant sales techniques that would insult the intelligence of most people. We will not bombard you with endless phone calls, with prices that reduce by the day and special deals after supposed discussions with ‘the manager’.

Our service is highly experienced and highly skilled. You will enjoy our process immensely and your property will be in very safe hands. We are passionate about doing everything the way it should be done, giving you the service that you expect and deserve (or usually surpassing it). Providing windows and doors that will enhance / transform your property and maximize the value.


A precision survey means that the installers enjoy their work, the windows and doors are exactly the right size to suit your brick openings, minimal sealants and trims , giving you the perfect finish.


We understand that having done all the preparation, the installation, finishing detail and completion of your project is the most important stage of all. This will be taken care of by one of our own teams of highly trained and highly experienced craftsmen. Most of our teams have been with us for many years, some 20 years, we have a very low turnover of staff, meaning that each staff member of our Company is totally committed to delivering excellence as nothing less will do.

After Sales Service

This is the area that most window companies are the least enthusiastic about. You have paid your bill and they are onto chasing new work.

The reason we are growing from strength to strength is that we look after our customers. Most of our work comes from people recommending us or returning for additional work.

We have a computerized record of every single window and door that we have ever installed, ensuring that we are ready and organized to identify, replace or repair any item.

We guarantee that should you entrust us with your project, you will be delighted with every aspect of the process, we look forward to being of service to you.

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